Where can I find and redeem my Spirit meal voucher?

Where can I find and redeem my Spirit meal voucher?

Spirit Airlines works to provide the best possible travel experience for its passengers. If the Spirit Airline tends to cancel or delay a flight, it provides the passenger with Spirit Meal Voucher as a complimentary gift. The passengers are entitled to request vouchers if they don't want a refund for the canceled flight, which can then be used at the passenger's convenience. The details to find the meal voucher provided by Spirit Airlines to redeem the same are given below:

  • Go to Spirit Airlines' official website.
  • Login to your id with the credentials.
  • Browse through the page to find free spirit dining.
  • Enter the details of the flight and click on the redeem voucher option.
  • Tap on the code and submit to avail of the offer provided.

If you cannot find the details of all the Spirit meal vouchers provided to you online on the website, try connecting with the Spirit Airline for the same, as the airline usually sends the voucher in the mail id registered with the Spirit Airline. The Spirit Airline also provided you with the option of placing a call to connect through a call to a Spirit Airlines Representative for the assistance required and to Redeem your Spirit meal voucher issued by the airline.

What are the steps for redeeming Spirit meal vouchers?

The Spirit meal voucher is redeemable. To redeem Spirit Meal Voucher, please follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Click on the book tab available at the top-end corner of the main page.
  • Select the flight along with information on the passengers traveling.
  • Enter the details of the travel and submit
  • A new purchase page will appear where you can search for a Use Spirit meal voucher option.
  • Type in the details as provided to you in the mail.
  • The new fare will be reflected for final payment confirmation.

The voucher needs to be applied at the time of booking or making a reservation through the online portal of Spirit Airlines. If you cannot make a successful transaction and redeem Spirit Meal voucher, you can call the customer support agent of spirit airlines at the number provided; 855-728-3555. The agents will help you further with the process.  

If you don't want to redeem the meal voucher during the booking, you can use the voucher for meals at the airport lounge or during the flight, depending on the flight type.

Where can I use my Spirit voucher point for meals?

The voucher provided by the Spirit Airlines comes with validity. It usually needs to be used within 12 months from the date from which it was issued by the airline. The passenger can use Spirit meal voucher at airport lounge and purchase food while boarding the flight. The remaining points in the voucher can be used as and when the passenger travels with the Spirit airline, depending on the type of Spirit meal voucher issued to them.

Spirit Airlines also provides future travel vouchers and round trip travel vouchers along with Spirit meal vouchers to its passengers so that the passengers get to enjoy a trouble-free flight experience. For passengers finding it difficult to understand the details given on how to redeem meal vouchers, feel free to connect with a representative through the official website of Spirit Airlines.