What day of the week are Alaska airline prices the lowest?

What day of the week are Alaska airline prices the lowest?

If you want a cheap flight ticket for an Alaska airline, try to book Alaska airlines flight on a Sunday because it has been observed to be the cheapest day to fly on Alaska Airlines. The Alaska airline sells tickets at lower fares on this particular day of the week. However, there have been no specific reasons for it; therefore, to get a fair priced ticket on Alaska Airlines, try the points discussed below:

Tips & Tricks for Cheapest Alaska Airlines Flights

Deals and discounts from Alaska flight

Every airline offers various discounts on Flight booking the flights entirely. If you search correctly, you will find a deal that suits your budget and travel itinerary.

To attract more customers, Alaska Airlines gives discounts throughout the year, and you can definitely take advantage of the deals to buy a cheap Alaska Airlines ticket.

Use Miles Option

If you have traveled with Alaska Airlines before, then there must be a few miles on your account that you can use to get a discount on the Next ticket price. Miles are given every time you travel with an airline as a loyalty benefit. The more miles you have, you can get extra services like lounge access from the airline without additional cost. So use this miles option to book alaska airlines flight ticket at lowest price.

Rewards points and e-vouchers

Whenever you travel with an airline, you will get reward points for your next booking. Airlines give this privilege to ensure customer loyalty. Or if you have ever canceled a non refundable ticket, Alaska airlines must have given e-credits as refunds. Encash these points and vouchers to get a discount on the ticket. You can use these reward points to book cheap alaska airlines flight.

Weekday booking with Alaska airlines

You can search and find a ticket on a mid day flight on a weekday, as tourists mostly do not travel mid week. Therefore for the complete booking of flights, ticket fares are reduced. Please go to the Alaska Airlines website and enter your destination and search for a flight during the weekdays to book a cheaper alaska airlines flight ticket within budget.

Red eye flights

The flights that operate at odd hours of the day are called red eye flights, and they are not usually preferred by families, tourists, or people traveling for vacation purposes. You can hunt for an Alaska Airlines red eye flight and book a ticket that will cost much less as compared to a regular flight. 

Advanced Airlines booking

Suppose you are going on a vacation, and the date of travel is already confirmed. Then you can take the benefit of advanced booking, where many options will be available to Book Alaska Airline flight to your destination. The Alaska airline booking opens at least four to five months in advance and at nominal prices on tickets.

Travel agents

To get a reasonably priced ticket, contact a travel agent. Due to bulk and regular booking done by travel agents, they are given heavy discounts on the actual fare. Find a few travel agents near you, and you can compare the ticket price given by them before the final booking of alaska airlines flight. 


If you search for an Alaska airline ticket in incognito mode, different fares will be shown. You can get through the options before confirming the reservation.

Hence to Buy Alaska Airline plane ticket at the lowest price, other than a Sunday booking, try the above-explained points to get the lowest price