Southwest Airlines flight check-in procedure

Southwest Airlines flight check-in procedure

A passenger with a flight booking at Southwest Airlines receives plenty of procedures to check in for their flight. They can obtain boarding using any medium of their choice that they are comfortable with and find suitable. The Southwest Airlines check-in procedures from which you can choose are listed below:

  • Online Check-In: Southwest Airlines has added the check-in feature on their website that a passenger can take advantage of to avoid the long queues at the check-in desk. They will be required to put in the flight ticket details and complete the verification online. Then the boarding pass will be shared with them. 
  • Airport Check-In: Check-in can be done through the check-in desk at the airport, which is the traditional procedure. You will have to join the queue at the check-in desk and wait for your turn to pass through the security point in order to get the boarding pass. 
  • Kiosk Check-In: A kiosk machine is available at the airport to attain the self-check-in. You can complete your Southwest Airlines flight check-in and print the boarding pass by yourself, following the instructions in the machine.

Steps to check-in at Southwest Airlines

If you are looking for the steps of the different check-in procedures available at Southwest Airlines, below the required details are given. 

Steps for Online Check-In Process:

  • Visit the website of Southwest Airlines on your browser,
  • Opt for the check-in window on the website’s homepage,
  • Enter the confirmation number along with the first & last name as per your booking,
  • Next, click the “Check-In” button, and it will direct you to a new page,
  • You have to follow the check-in instructions,
  • Then the check-in procedure will be completed,
  • Further, you will get the Southwest Airlines boarding pass in your email that can be downloaded on the device. 

Steps for Airport Check-In Process:

  • Reach the check-in desk at the airport on time,
  • Carry the flight ticket, passport, and other identity cards for verification,
  • Wait in the queue till your turn arrives,
  • Give the required things to the representative at the desk,
  • In a moment, the representative will complete the verification,
  • And then provide you with the printed boarding pass by completing your check-in. 

Steps for Kiosk Check-In Process:

  • Go to the Kiosk machine at the airport,
  • Start the machine to enter your flight ticket details for check-in,
  • Put your flight ticket number and full name,
  • On the Kiosk’s screen, you will get your booked flight details,
  • Next, do as per the instructions you receive on the Kiosk’s screen,
  • Your check-in will be complete within seconds,
  • Now print your boarding pass by choosing the suitable option.

Above all the required steps of different procedures of Southwest Airlines flight check-in have been mentioned. Now you need to choose any one procedure and adhere to the necessary steps to complete the Southwest Airlines check-in and obtain the boarding pass. 

What is the Southwest Airlines check-in policy?

Before obtaining the boarding pass or choosing a suitable check-in platform, you must consider the Southwest Airlines check-in policy that has given here:

  • The Southwest check-in should be completed 30 minutes prior to the take-off time of the flight.
  • The online check-in opens 24 hours prior to the departure time of a Southwest flight, and the airport check-in starts 3 hours earlier. 
  • After check-in for the Southwest flight, no changes will be permitted to the passengers at Southwest Airlines. 
  • During the online check-in at Southwest Airlines, a person can choose their desired seat on the booked plane if they want. 
  • The passengers who are flying with an infant or have added additional services for their Southwest flight must check in at the airport carrying the required documents. 
  • Online check-in is allowed for those passengers only who have a direct booking with Southwest Airlines. Otherwise, they will need to opt for airport check-in only. 
  • Passengers who complete the check-in from the website are not required to take a print of their boarding pass. Showing the boarding pass on a device at the checkpoint is also allowed. 
  • At the check-in counter, you need to show the government id card for verification, and the name should match your flight ticket; otherwise, check-in at Southwest Airlines will not be permitted. 

When does Southwest Airlines check-in open?

The opening time of Southwest Airlines differs as per the medium you are choosing and if you have a booking on an international or domestic flight. The online check-in to any destination starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled take-off time. And the airport check-in for a domestic flight starts 2 hours earlier, and an international flight check-in time starts 3 hours earlier.  

Can you check in for a Southwest Airlines flight early?

The passengers who have booked the Early Bird Check-In flight option at Southwest Airlines can be automatically checked in 36 hours prior to the boarding time of the flight ticket. This fare option allows passengers to check-in at Southwest airlines at the earliest, and it is helpful to receive the best seat on flight.