How to Manage Turkish Airlines Booking

How to Manage Turkish Airlines Booking


Suppose you are planning to travel with Turkish Airlines, but you had a minor accident and injured your leg. Now in this condition, you will need special assistance, and to add special assistance with your travel plans, the Airline offers a Manage booking option. Using the Turkish airlines manage my booking option can help you with modifying your flight reservation- book a flight, check-in, flight change, name change, hold prices, additional services, including pets, etc. 


What does Turkish Airlines Manage Booking Tab Offers?

The  Turkish Airline "Manage Booking" tab offers multiple functions to modify your already booked flight with the Airline.


Flight change on Your Turkish Airlines manage booking

You can make changes to your Turkish airlines booking within 24 hours of booking without paying any change fees. If you are making changes after 24 hours of the risk-free window, then you will have to pay $60 and $120 approximately as a change fee for domestic flights and $200 to $400 for long-haul flights.

  • Visit the Turkish airline website at  

  • Now go to the "Book & Manage" option on the top of your Homepage.

  • Now fill out your surname and booking reference number to see your booked trip.

  • Select your booked flight from the given option to  Manage Turkish airlines booking and choose the modifying options such as date change and select your preferred date.

  • Select the preferred flight from the available flight list.

  • Pay the applicable charges, and you will get the newly generated ticket from Turkish airlines at your email address. 


For Name Change

As per the airline policies, you are allowed to change some characters of your name or surname and middle name in legal conditions. It can be performed by manage booking tab.

  • Go to the manage booking tab.

  • Enter your booking details and continue further.

  • You will get the flight details. Select the modifying option and change the name under the policies.

  • After completing the process, click submit. 

  • You will receive a confirmation reply about the changes at your registered email address.


For Refunds and Cancelation process

The Airline provides the refund request form to claim a refund from the Turkish Airline for canceled bookings at the manage booking tab.

  • If you apply for a refund, then visit the official website of the Turkish Airline and submit the Refund Request Form available on the manage booking tab.

  • In case you want to cancel your flight reservation, then you can also opt for cancellation by the manage booking tab, and then you can apply for a refund request.

  • You are only qualified to request a refund through the website only if you have booked a flight ticket from the Airline directly online or by visiting the airport. If you purchased the ticket offline through Third-party sources, then you will need to contact them.


Selecting a seat or adding special assistance 

In case you haven't selected the seat yet or want to change or upgrade your seat, then it can also be done through the manage booking option. For this service, you will need to pay the selected seat charges. In case you require special assistance, such as a wheelchair while boarding the flight or at the airport, then it can be requested through the Turkish manage booking option by paying additional charges for it.


Adding Extra Baggage or meals to your Turkish flight booking

As per the Turkish airline baggage policy, you are allowed to bring one standard bag and one personal item ( handbag, laptop bag, etc.) in the cabin for no additional fee, but if you want to add additional baggage, then you can also do it by visiting the Turkish airlines Manage Booking tab available for the passengers. For this process, passengers will have to pay additional charges as per the airline baggage policy states. 

If the passengers need to add on meals with the long haul flight, then they can do it through the tab.



In case you require more assistance, then you can call 1 (800) 874-8875 and ask for the required help.