How to Get Your E-ticket from Delta Airlines?

How to Get Your E-ticket from Delta Airlines?

Imagine you book your flight online, and now, you require the Delta E-ticket Number, which you can find out in my trips section. The ticket number is the 13-digit number; whenever your book your Delta Airlines flight, please take a screenshot or mark the important. Whenever you require the Delta e-ticket, you will get it instantly if you do the above things. 

 What Are the Steps to Get an E-Ticket from Delta?

If you are looking for the Delta Airlines E- Ticket, you can search on my trips section after the booking. You must provide the required details carefully. Here are the steps; please read the instructions carefully-

  • Open the Delta Airlines website. 
  • Navigate your cursor toward my trip option. 
  • Enter your confirmation number and the passenger's first and last name. Tap on the arrow option. 
  • Choose your booking from the list. 
  • When the booking opens, you will see the Delta e-ticket number on the right-hand side of the ticket. 
  • There will be an option for download or print. If you want to download your Delta flight ticket, you can do it and save it on your device. You can take the print of your Delta E- ticket if you want. 

What is the difference between the e-ticket number and the flight number?

There is a minor difference between the Delta flight number and the Delta e-ticket number. As you know, the ticket numbers identify each traveler on each flight. On the other hand, flight numbers ate used to identify various flights operated by the various airlines. 

Where Can I find E-Ticket Number on Delta?

To find Delta Electronic Ticket, you can use the email option, my trips, visit the airport, check the credit card history, check the text you got from the Delta Airline, or speak with the Delta Airline representative on a call. To know how to use these methods, please read the given information carefully-

Check your Email-

The airline confirms your email. You can search for the details at your email id. To search the details, you must open your email id and write down the word “Delta”; you will receive all the emails. You will also get the confirmation details in the email, and you must tap on it, and you will get the Delta electronic ticket number. 

Use My Trip option-

Suppose you have booked your flight for the past 2-3 months and now require the airline e-ticket number. You can log in to my trips, choose your recent booking, and acquire all the details from there rapidly. 

Check your Credit Card History-

When booking your flight, you pay through a credit card. You can check your credit card history and get the Delta airline e-ticket number instantly.   

Visit the airport-

If the above methods do not work, you can visit the airport and go to the help center. Ask them for the e-ticket number, and the representative will check the details in their data; they will provide you with the e-ticket number of Delta Airlines as soon as possible. You can ask them to resend to your email. They will send it instantly. 

Communicate with the airline representative-

To acquire the details about the airline e-ticket, you can dial Delta Airlines Customer Support number-1-800-221-1212. Use the number order according to the query. Communicate with the representative and acquire detailed information about the e-ticket instantly.