How to Change Singapore Airlines Ticket?

How to Change Singapore Airlines Ticket?

Singapore Airlines is one of the top airlines providing a flexible flight change policy. If you book a flight via Singapore Airlines' official site, you can make the Flight changes online through the 'Manage booking' section and by speaking to the Singapore contact center. Moreover, if you book the Singapore ticket via a third party, contact your agent directly to Change Singapore Airlines flight. This article will explore the topic in detail, including the change flight process, fees, policies, etc. Ensure you don't miss anything and have the best flight change experience. 

What are the Steps to change Singapore Airlines' flight?

Although it's pretty simple to change your Singapore Airlines booking. However, if you don't know the process, here are the steps you can follow to change the Singapore Airlines flight ticket: 

  • Get on the official site of Singapore Airlines and login
  • Else go to the manage booking section on the homepage.
  • Under SQ booking reference, enter the booking reference number and last name, and click 'Manage booking.' 
  • Now select the ticket you want to modify, click on the 'change reservation' button 
  • Now make the required changes in your booking and save it 
  • You might also need to pay a change fee and fare difference if it applies 
  • Now follow the instructions and receive a confirmation email after the changes are complete  

Change the ticket over the phone:

  • Dial the Singapore Airlines reservation phone number  +1 (833) 727-0118*
  • Follow instructions over the phone to connect with the live agent 
  • Once connected, request the agent that you wish to change the ticket 
  • Provide the new booking information, and the agent will modify the booking on your behalf 
  • Pay for the change fee and fare difference online, and the agent will complete the changes soon 
  • Once the ticket change is complete, you will quickly receive a confirmation email from the Singapore Airline 

At the Airport counter- 

  • Visit the nearest airport to your location and locate the ticket counter 
  • You can ask the Singapore Airlines customer representative to make the changes on your behalf
  • Once they make the changes on your behalf, you need to pay the change fee and fare difference, if applicable 
  • You can now take the printout of your final ticket and get the confirmation email for the revised booking

What is Singapore Airlines flight change policy?

  • The flight change policy of Singapore Airlines is applicable for tickets you purchase directly from the airline, contact center, or at the airport. However, it does not apply to a third-party booking. Unless you book the ticket from authorised sources, you can make changes online and also by speaking to Singapore Airlines. 
  • As per the Singapore Airlines flight change policy, you can change the name for free within 24 hours of booking if the departure is seven days later. The policy applies to all ticket types, whether refundable or non-refundable. 
  • Besides, if you fail, you might need to pay a small flight change fee based on the ticket type, route, destination, change time, etc. 
  • If the new booking is expensive, you will have to pay the fare difference when you change your booking. Besides, the Singapore Airline will credit the remaining amount if the new booking cost is cheaper. 

While you change your Singapore Airlines flight ticket, remember to go through the terms and conditions of your ticket. You can also directly speak to Singapore Airlines to get more information in this regard.

How much does Singapore Airlines charge to change a flight?

  • Unless your ticket is booked seven days before departure via the website, contact center, or airport, you can change the booking for free within 24 hours of ticket purchase. However, you might be charged a nominal fee if you modify the bookings later.
  • The flight change fee charged by Singapore Airlines is based on fare conditions. The economy class change fee is around $75, whereas the economy flexi fares can be changed for free. The Singapore change flight fee might be around $ 100 for an eligible Premium Economy ticket. If you have a business class ticket and wish to change the booking, the change fee costs about $ 200, and it is around $ 500 for first-class fares. 
  • Flexi fares passengers; can make the required changes without any Singapore Airlines Change fee. Besides, the changes are allowed up to 2 hours before departure. You must also pay the fare difference if the new ticket is costlier. 

Conclusion: By reading the information above, you can easily proceed with Singapore Airlines change flight process anytime without any hassle or inconvenience. Moreover, if you still have any doubts or if further details are required, you can call Singapore Airlines' official number +1 (833) 727-0118* to connect with the airline. You can also log in to your Singapore Airlines account to access personalised support.