How To Cancel Qantas Airways Flight?

How To Cancel Qantas Airways Flight?

Qantas Airways is a flag carrier airline in Australia. You will find its headquarters in Mascot. It is the biggest airline in the country in terms of its fleet size. You can reserve your flight with Qantas Airways if you want to have a great flight experience. Go to the official website of the Qantas Airways and easily book your flight there online. The Qantas airways policies are straightforward and flexible. Suppose you have already made your reservation with the airline, and now you need to cancel your flight. Then you can dial the official customer service number of Qantas Airways, which will help you cancel the Qantas Airways Flight ticket. Dial 1 (800) 227-4500 and select your preferred language. Here are the instructions for the IVR: 

  • Press 1 to Book a New flight booking.
  • Press 2 to make a change in the reservation.
  • Press 3 to cancel the Qantas Airways flight booking. 
  • Press 4 for any query regarding a refund. 
  • Press 5 for any issues related to luggage. 

Press 3 to cancel your Qantas Airways booking, and a call executive from the Qantas Airways customer service team will get connected with you over the call. Follow the instructions they give you regarding the cancellation of your ticket. You can Cancel Qantas Airways Flight by dialing this number or heading towards the airport. 

Steps to Cancel Qantas Airways flight ticket

If you have a booking with Qantas Airways and must cancel it due to an unavoidable circumstance or any situation that needs your attention, then you can cancel it online. All that you should do is follow the rules carefully and cancel your reservation. Here are the instructions you can consider to cancel your Qantas Airways reservation: 

  • Visit the official website of Qantas Airways by clicking on this link 
  • Enter your booking reference and your surname.
  • Navigate to the next page and check your booking details carefully. 
  • Scroll down a little, and you will witness an option called ‘cancel,’ click on that. 
  • Provide the reason for ticket cancellation in the box and give the details they requested. 
  • Pay the cancellation charge, and you will get a confirmation of cancellation on your registered email address. 
  • You can also click the ‘refund’ option to flash a refund form on the screen. You can fill it up and submit it if you want a refund regarding the cancellation. 
  • The Qantas Airways flight Cancellation process will be completed once you go through all the steps mentioned above.  

Qantas Airways Cancellation Policy?

Due to a sudden urgency, if you have to cancel the Qantas Airways flight reservation, then it is advised that you go through the Qantas Airways cancellation policy entirely and thoroughly. In all the official work, it is essential that you should be prepared for the consequences and be aware of the actions that can be taken by you in order to go right in the process. Go through the Qantas Airways Cancellation Policy correctly and apply that while you go further in the process. Here is the cancellation policy of Qantas Airways: 

  • If you cancel your Qantas Airways flight reservation within twenty-four hours of the departure time of your flight, then you will not have to pay any extra charges for the cancellation. 
  • Qantas flight cancellation has to be done the same way as you have booked your ticket; for example, if you have booked your ticket offline, then you will have to cancel Qantas Airways offline mode. If you have booked your ticket online from the official web page, then you will have to cancel it in an online manner only. 
  • If the passengers cancel their flight after twenty-four hours, i.e., after the free cancel window closes, the passengers are supposed to pay a certain fee as per the Qantas Airways flight cancellation policy. 
  • The fee would depend on various factors. If you have insured yourself beforehand, then you can cancel your Qantas Airways Flight booking whenever you want. 

The fees that will be charged on cancellation will be made per ticket, and if two fares are combined, Qantas will decide the cancellation fees as per the conditions. 

What are the Cancellation Charges of Qantas Airways?

If you are about to cancel your reservation with Qantas Airways, then you should know you will have to pay Qantas Airways ticket Cancellation fees if you do it after twenty-four hours of the flight departure time. Have a look at the cancellation fees of Qantas Airways. 

  • If you have purchased your Qantas Airways Flight ticket in the “flex economy” category, you can complete the cancellation process thirty minutes before the departure of your flight with a small fee of ninety-nine Australian dollars. 
  • Passengers that have bought the ‘premium economy saver’ can cancel their booking before 60 minutes of departure at a tiny cancellation cost of 99 Australian dollars.
  • If you have a premium economy flex ticket, then you can cancel your Qantas Airways flight sixty minutes before the time of flight departure without having to pay any extra fare for it.