How to cancel Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations?

How to cancel Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations?

There are many passengers who post making Hawaiian flight reservations come across situations in which they cannot continue their journey with Hawaiian and look for the process to cancel their flight tickets. If you have also purchased a ticket and then later on realized that you cannot travel on the reserved date, then you can cancel Your Hawaiian Airlines flight Booking either by following the online procedure or by contacting the customer care services of Hawaiian Airlines. To cancel the Hawaiian Airlines booking, customers must always obey the flight cancellation policies set by the Hawaiian airlines and also provide valid cancellation reasons. Sometimes they are even required to pay flight cancellation fares. All the details are mentioned below in detail.  

Procedure to Cancel Hawaiian Airlines Flight:

There are many passengers who want to cancel their Hawaiian Airlines flight bookings, and they look for the process; such customers must go through the following online steps and continue further:

  • Initialize the Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation process by going to the website of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • “Manage flights” options must be tapped next from the top of the menu bar.
  • Now click on “My trips.”
  • The ticket number and flight confirmation code must be entered next, along with the passenger's last name, and the search button must be pressed to find the ticket.
  • As the flight is discovered, customers must tap on the “cancel flight” option.
  • They are now required to confirm the decision, and soon they will get a Hawaiian Airlines flight cancellation message on their linked email or mobile number. 

Cancellation methods for Hawaiian Airlines flights

To cancel your already existing Hawaiian flight, you can also call customer care services. For this, you must dial the Hawaiian Airlines Official phone number: 1 (800) 367-5320. The callers will hear some instructions after a few rings provided by an automated voice, they need to go through and obey the instructions, and finally, when the calls are attended to corresponding representatives, they must request them to cancel their bookings providing flight ticket number. They must also mention their reason for flight cancellation. 

Is it possible to cancel Hawaiian flight tickets at Airport?

Yes, if, after reaching the Airport, you want to cancel your Hawaiian Airlines booking due to a delay in your flight, then you are eligible for cancellation. For that, you must reach the reservation counter and provide your booking details to the corresponding representative and ask them to cancel your Hawaiian Airlines ticket. The Hawaiian airline representative will help in canceling your booked flight, and if you have any questions, you can also get a solution to them. 

Hawaiian flight cancellation policy?

If any person wants to cancel Their already booked Hawaiian Airlines flight, then they must follow the important Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy given below: 

  • According to the famous Hawaiian Airlines 24-hour flight cancellation policy, if any passenger, after booking a flight, cancels their Hawaiian Airlines booking within that interval, then they are allowed to cancel without paying the flight cancellation fare to the airline.
  • All flights cancelled after 24 hours are liable for paying flight cancellation charges to the Hawaiian Airlines. 
  • If the Hawaiian Airline cancels your booking, then they are liable to provide a seat on the next available flight; however, passengers can claim compensation for the inconvenience if they do not wish to travel on that flight. 
  • If you have made a booking using a promo code and, after cancellation, you want a refund, then Hawaiian airlines will provide travel vouchers, and you must pay the flight cancellation fare to the airlines. 
  • If you are in an emergency and you want to cancel your booking at the last moment due to the sudden ill health of a passenger or immediate family member, then you must contact the Hawaiian airlines to inform them in advance and also provide medical documents for the cancellation to skip paying cancellation charges.
  • Sometimes Hawaiian Airlines can also delay your flights, and passengers want to travel to their destination immediately; in that case, the airline allows them to cancel the initial booking and rebook another flight. 

What are the Flight Cancellation Charges for Hawaiian Airlines?

If you have to cancel your Hawaiian flight, then you must take note that you are required to pay a Hawaiian Airlines cancellation fee that might depend upon various factors like cancellation time, your travelling class, and selected destination. The approximate flight cancellation fare that must be paid by passengers to Hawaiian Airlines for domestic flights is $50; however, this price might stretch up to $400 for international destinations. 


The above-described information can be utilised by customers to cancel their already booked tickets. If any passenger has contacted a travel agent to purchase Hawaiian flight tickets and then he wishes to cancel the booking, then he can directly contact them to cancel their booking.