How To Cancel Avianca Airline Flight?

How To Cancel Avianca Airline Flight?

Avianca Airlines allows customers to manage their booking post reservation. Customers can even cancel their Avianca Airlines flight tickets if they do not wish to travel via the same booking. Avianca Airlines also provides refunds for flight cancellations if customers are eligible. To Cancel Avianca Airline Flight, customers must follow the cancellation policies set by the Avianca Airline. There are many ticket holders who are not aware of the cancellation process and policies; those customers must go through the important information stacked in the forthcoming section. Though it is suggested customers cancel their Avianca Airlines tickets online, if it is not possible, they can even cancel by calling Avianca Airlines customer services. 

What are the Steps to Cancel Avianca Airline flight tickets?

Those Avianca Airlines ticket holders who want to cancel their Avianca Airlines flight reservations online can utilize the online procedure described below. This cancellation method is straightforward and consists of few steps; customers must carefully read and follow them as mentioned below:

  • Begin the flight cancellation method by visiting the official website of Avianca Airlines.
  • Tap on the “My trips” option.
  • Now customers can either continue with their Google account, or they can sign into their Avianca account.
  • Once they login into their account, they must tap on their ticket.
  • Finally, they are expected to press the “cancel” button presented at the bottom of the ticket.
  • Customers will be asked to confirm their decision by pressing the confirmation button.
  • After all the flight cancellation steps are followed by customers, the ticket will be canceled, and customers will receive a cancellation message on their registered number. 

How to cancel an Avianca flight ticket by contacting customer care services?

When customers cannot cancel their Avianca Airlines tickets online, they can reach customer care services and ask customer care representatives to cancel their tickets. To process a cancellation, customers must dial the official Avianca phone number: 1 (800) 284-2622

As soon as the call is reverted by an automated voice, callers must press one number from the given IVR menu to get their call answered by a live representative:

  • Press 1: To book tickets 
  • Press 3: To cancel Avianca Airlines tickets or to request a refund 
  • Press 5: For making changes to your ticket
  • Press 7: For special assistance
  • Press 9: To request a callback from Avianca Airlines
  • Press *: For all other concerns and queries

After dialing the Avianca Airlines Phone number from the above-mentioned menu call will be navigated to the corresponding representatives. Customers must always provide Avianca Airline flight Cancellation reasons to the representative. They will cancel your Avianca ticket once you provide your travel details. 

Cancel Avianca flight at the airport:

Many times Avianca's scheduled flights get delayed, and passengers struggle to find a solution. In that case, they can cancel their Avianca Airlines tickets and, instead, book another option for their destination. For that, they must reach the reservation counter at the airport and provide booking details to an Avianca representative and request them to cancel their Avianca Airlines flight bookings.

What is Avianca Airline Cancellation Policy?

To cancel already booked tickets, it is essential that customers follow all the important Avianca Airline Cancellation Policy and avoid any confusion. Some of the important Avianca Airlines flight cancellation policies are mentioned below:

  • If any customer cancels Thier Avianca Airlines flight ticket within 24 hours of ticket purchase, then he can cancel the reservation without paying any flight cancellation fee.
  • For flight cancellations made after 24 hours of booking, customers are liable to pay cancellation charges to the Avianca airlines.
  • There are some cases in which ticket holders cancel their reservation on the same date of traveling due to any medical emergency either of the passenger himself or of immediate family members. In that case, the cancellation fee is exempted by Avianca Airlines if customers provide their medical certificates.
  • Business class travelers can cancel their Avianca Airlines flight tickets at any time without paying a cancellation fee. 
  • If flights are delayed more than 4 hours, travelers can cancel their Avianca Airlines reservation and book another ticket to their destinations. 
  • If Avianca is responsible for canceling your ticket due to any reason that is under its control, then it will facilitate travelers with alternate flights to their destinations. 

What are the Cancellation Charges of Avianca Airline?

If any customer cannot travel and has to cancel their Avianca Airlines original booking, then they are liable to pay the Avianca Airline ticket Cancellation fee to the airline. The cancellation charges depend on factors like traveling class and journey distance. The Estimated amount that must be paid to Avianca as a cancellation fee might be $150-$500. The price also depends upon the time at which you cancel your booking. 

Conclusion: Customers must follow the above-mentioned fight cancellation policies to cancel their tickets. If any customer has purchased flight tickets through a travel agent, then he must directly reach them and request them to cancel their tickets.