How to Call Delta Airlines at São Paulo Airport?

How to call delta airlines at São Paulo airport?

São Paulo Airport is commonly known as São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport, and it is popularly known as Cumbica Airport. At the same time, Delta is one the best Airline that takes care of your every single facility and gives you the assurance of the best customer service. It is normal that you have questions while traveling that you need to ask, so for that, Delta Sao Paulo Airport customer service is sitting for you. There are mentioned ways you can read and take help from the delta Airlines.  

Call Delta Airlines at São Paulo airport

If you have queries with Delta Sao Pao Airport customer service, you can contact the representative on the Delta São Paulo airport Phone Number and get your queries solved in a very short span of time. You can read the information mentioned below. 

  • Delta Airlines' phone number: 1-802-427-9009 Or 1 (800) 221-1212
  •  Sao Paulo Airport phone number : 55 (11) 2445-2252.

Delta São Paulo Airport Customer Service

Travelers can directly send a message to the Delta Sao Paulo Airport Customer Service by using local mail and get their answers in just a few seconds. Also if the passengers have a Delta flight to catch from there, then they should reach on time and for that use the mentioned address. 

  •  SP-019, s/n - Cumbica, Guarulhos - SP, 07190-000, Brazil
  • Airport code: GRU

For the lost and found queries 

If the passengers want to register any complaints for the lost and found, then they can either directly call Delta Airlines customer service or they can fill out a complaint form for that and register their complaints. To fill out the form, you can click on the link mentioned below.

Delta São Paulo Airport Customer Service Email 

You can use Email queries, as most of the official information should be shared via Email only. To Email your query, use at this Email address and then send it to Delta Airlines customer service. Passengers most probably get the reply within 4-5 business days. 

What is the busiest time at Delta São Paulo airport?

If you are trying to connect with the Delta Airlines Sao Pao Airport customer service agent in the morning, which considers 10- 12, then you are probably doing the wrong thing. Because these are the busiest hours, you should call in the evening or in the early morning. There are high chances of connecting with them. 

Which Terminal is used by Delta Airlines at São Paulo Airport?

To catch a Delta Airlines flight, you can reach Terminal 3 and get your flight without any hassle. Also, it is recommended to check the Terminal once as sometimes, due to technical faults, the Terminal changes too. 

Mention the services provided by the Sao Paulo Airport. 

There are various services provided by the Delta Sao Paulo Airport Customer Support team to make your journey enjoyable and more comfortable, and those are mentioned below. 

  • Enjoy the free wifi at the Airport. 
  • Taste the greatest meal by visiting the restaurants at the Delta Sao Pao Airport. 
  • Passengers who carry babies can be relaxed as they have baby care facilities. 
  • There are duty-free stores available at the Delta Sao Pao Airport. 
  • You can exchange your currency there. 

Here, mentioned is everything that you will need to connect with the customer service of Delta São Paulo airport.