How Do I Request a Callback from Singapore Airlines?

How do I request a callback on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is known for its stellar services and, not just that, the luxurious experience, the spacious cabin, and many more. Said that when it comes to customer service. Singapore Airlines does its best for its customers. Hence if you have any issues, such as reservations in your flight tickets or cancellation, or if you want to know the limits of the baggage, you can contact them immediately, or you can request a callback from Singapore Airlines. To know how you can request a callback on Singapore Airlines phone number, continue your reading.

The simple steps to request a callback from Singapore Airlines

If due to network issues or if you are on hold for a long time with Singapore airlines, you can use the callback feature offered by Singapore Airlines. If you are in this situation and you want to request a callback on Singapore Airlines, you can use the below steps.

  • Open the main page of Singapore Airlines from any of the browsers.
  • Scroll down and look for the contact us option and click on the option.
  • On the contact page, you need to look for the contact form and make a click on the option.
  • You can now see a digital form. Give the required details, such as your flight, personal details, and the reason for a callback request from singapore airlines.
  • Lastly, submit the form.
  • You will get a call back depending on the availability and the urgency of your request.

If you are still could not able to connect with the representative with Singapore airlines, you can also speak to a live person at Singapore Airlines using the live chat option. Continue reading if you want to use the live chat option.

  • You need to open the welcome page of Singapore Airlines.
  • On the main page, you need to scroll down and click on the contact us option.
  • When you are on the contact us page, you will be able to spot the tiny chat icon at the foot.
  • Click on the option and wait for the chat portal to open.
  • Choose the topic suitable to your concern and wait for a while to connect with a live agent at Singapore Airlines.
  • Once you are connected with an expert, you will get the solutions for your queries.

Singapore Airlines customer service

Avoid calling Singapore airlines customer service during rush hours. If you call during busy hours, you are more likely to end up on hold. Choose the time to call using the Singapore Airlines Hotline Number when fewer people will be trying. The best time to call Singapore Airlines customer service is 4 pm to 6 pm. You can also use the social media option to connect with Singapore Airlines. You can use the links below to connect quickly with an agent.

  • Facebook -
  • Instagram -
  • Twitter -

You can also use the email option to connect with the live agent at Singapore Airlines, but you will need to wait for a while to get a response for a representative. An Singapore Airlines customer Care expert will soon get in touch.


If you need further information, you can visit the official help page of Singapore Airlines, you can find solutions to FAQs. If in an emergency case, you can meet a Singapore Airlines representative in person at the nearby airport.