How Do I get in touch with Delta at San Francisco Airport?

How Do I get in touch with Delta at San Francisco Airport?

Flying can be really stressful, and it can even be stressful when you have unsolved doubts. Hence always make sure to contact Delta Airlines Customer Service and have your doubts cleared before your scheduled flight departure. If you have doubts and are not sure how you can Contact Delta Airlines at San Francisco Airport, you can go through the below information.

Contact information of Delta Airlines SFO Airport 

  • Airport name: San Francisco International Airport
  • Airport address: San Francisco, CA 94128, United States
  • Contact number: 800-221-1212
  • Working hours: 24 hours 

You can use the above information to Contact Delta Airlines Customer Service at San Francisco international Airport. You can also visit the official page of the Delta Airlines or the airport if you need to go through the FAQs.

How can you contact Delta Airlines Customer Service?

If you prefer to Call the service using Delta SFO Airport customer service Phone number, you can proceed with the below step-by-step process to contact the Delta Airlines Customer Support service.

  • You need to Dial 1-802-427-9009 Or 800-221-1212, the official contact number of Delta Airlines.
  • You will hear greetings from the computer-generated voice.
  • After the greeting, you need to choose the language you prefer.
  • Now you need to listen carefully to instructions and press the numbers respectively.
  • Once you are connected to an Delta Airlines Agent, you can explain your concerns and get them solved.

You can also get help from the Delta Airlines Customer Service Representative, who is available at the airport counter in case you are at the airport, and the contact service number is not available due to network issues.

Baggage services

There are many lost and found cases at the Airport. In case you have lost your luggage or if you have found someone's lost luggage, you need to Contact Delta Airlines Customer Service immediately. You can use Delta Airlines SFO Airport Phone Number 1-800-325 -8224 for baggage. Or you can also fill out the lost and found form, which is available on the official page of Delta Airlines.

Which terminal is Delta Air Lines in San Francisco?

Arrival terminal:

For arrival, Delta airlines use Terminal 2 at San Francisco International airport. In case there are any changes, you will be informed in advance.

Departure terminal:

Delta Airlines use Terminal 2 for departure. If there are any changes in the terminal, you can contact the Delta Airlines Customer Service of the airline immediately and get the required service. You can also visit the official page of the Delta Airline to see the terminal that is allocated for Delta airlines.

The various service that is provided at Delta Airlines At SFO Airport:

There are various service offers at the SFO airport. Here are a few common questions that are asked by the customers at the Delta Airlines helpdesk.

  • Flight reservation: You can make a Flight reservation, or if you have any doubts regarding your present reservation, you can call the service and get help.
  • Flight information: If you need any information regarding your scheduled flight, you can call on Delta Airlines Customer service support directly.
  • Ticket changes: If you would like to make any last-minute changes.
  • Special assistance: If you need wheelchair assistance at the airport, you can inform the Delta Airlines representative in advance.

There are many other services that are provided at the SFO airport. You can go to the official page of the Delta Airline to check about the services.