How Do I Get Flight Delay Compensation on United?

How Do I Get Flight Delay Compensation on United?

Traveling by air transport is considered an unsettled journey because an unknown event could occur at any interval. Similarly, when you have prepared your plan with United Airlines, but the original flight gets delayed without any prior information, then you can ask for Flight compensation. Furthermore, the modes to appeal for united flight delay compensation are mentioned at the bottom. 

United Airlines Phone Call Option

When you do not wish to follow up with any extensive procedure for applying for the United Airlines flight compensation, then make a call to United Airline customer service. There your request could be taken into consideration conveniently, and the office phone number is 1 (800) 864-8331. Afterward, you get to choose a preferred language from the IVR and then options from the ahead shared menu such as:-

  • Press1 for an upgrade
  • Press5 for a delay compensation 
  • Press7 for baggage rules 
  • Press9 to speak with the United Airlines customer service


When you are present at the airport, and your United Airlines flight gets delayed, then you can appeal for delayed flight compensation united then and there. At the airport, you get to discover the United airline's counter first and then plead for the same to its customer service. You can receive a compensation number in a registered email whenever your request is completed.

What is United Airlines Flight Delay And Compensation Policy?

When you have booked a flight by United Airlines but the original one gets delayed by more than you could seek compensation. Moreover, it is subject to certain regulations with compliance so that you can apply for it. However, you can discover those provisions inside the United flight delay compensation policy, and those details have been raised at the bottom:-

  • When your original United Airlines flight gets delayed by more than one hour, then the airline could rebook your ticket in the next available options.
  • When your United Airlines flight has been delayed notably without sharing an appropriate reason, then you could be competent to reschedule a traveling plan, and the United airline could lay off any sort of penalties. Otherwise, you can also appeal for a refund for the same too. 
  • If your connecting flight gets missed because of a delay in the previous one, then you could claim compensation up to the extent of the unused ticket only. And the amount could also depend on your fare type.
  • Whenever a flight gets delayed because of national issues, security reasons, or government orders, then you might not be entitled to Flight compensation.
  • But when a delay is caused because of weather, traffic control, or mechanical issues, then you can acquire a travel credit or apply for a refund.
  • You could be able to deplane a flight too on a tarmac delay. But the delay for domestic flights should be more than three hours, and for international routes.
  • A guardian of an unaccompanied minor has to remain at the airport till the departure of the flight, and if the United Airlines flight gets delayed, then the airline may arrange accommodation with a meal too.
  • The condition of United Airlines flight delay is dependent on travel routes. So, it could be changing as per the operating destinations. 
  • When you have made a booking through a travel agent, then you get to reach out to them to apply for United Airlines flight compensation because the airline might not take cognizance of such matters.

How much is United Airlines Flight Delay Compensation?

When you have made a reservation with United Airlines but the flight gets delayed, then the airline could rebook on the next possible options. However, if you do not urge to travel with the same, then you could cancel your booking. When you are competent according to the United delay compensation policy, then you could appeal for the same too. Moreover, the cost of that could be from $200 to $600, and it could depend on to and from the destination. When you need to discover an exact figure, then get to the United airline customer service.

What is the process for filing a compensation claim with United Airlines?

When you have suffered any sort of loss on choosing United Airlines as a travel partner, then you could claim for United flight compensation for the same. Further, if you have no idea about claiming United compensation for a delayed flight, then comply with the steps that have been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Head to the official web page of United Airlines
  • Further, click on the help icon from the homepage.
  • After that, open the dropdown of refund and customer care.
  • Later on, click on the customer care options.
  • Now, you get to fill out personal information, choose compensation, add detail, and attach a pdf file. 
  • Once you have completed the detail, then click on the submit icon.
  • And then, you could receive an approval message in your email and phone number.