How Do I Change Flights on Breeze Airways?

How Do I Change Flights on Breeze Airways?

If your plan changes after the ticket is booked, do not worry. Breeze Airways let you change the flight anytime without any hassle. If you want to know how to Change Breeze Airways flight, here given the detailed step-by-step process:

Breeze Airways flight change procedure:-

Changing flights with Breeze Airways is pretty simple. In case you don't know the procedure, here are the steps given: 

  • Head to the Breeze Airways official website or the mobile app 
  • Access your booking details via the My Trip section on the screen 
  • Select the ticket you want to change and, using the change button, make the required changes
  • You will have to then pay for the change fee and fare difference(if the new ticket is costly)
  • In case the new ticket is less expensive, you will get Breeze points to use in future
  • Now follow the prompt on the screen, and you will be able to change the Breeze Airways Flight ticket successfully 

Are there different ways to change a Breeze Airways flight?

Yes! There are several ways to Change Flight with Breeze Airways in addition to the online process. You can use the options to change your Breeze Airways flight depending on the sources from where you purchased the ticket. Here are all the ways: 

Change Breeze Airways booking over the phone. 

If you book the ticket directly from Breeze Airways, you can change the Breeze Flight booking by visiting the official site and calling over the phone. It is one of the convenient options; however, you might need additional administrative charges. To change the Breeze booking over the phone: 

  • Make a call at Breeze Airways phone number on the website 
  • Follow IVR and speak to the live person at Breeze Airways 
  • Request the agent that you want to make a flight change
  • Provide your booking details and confirm the new booking details
  • The agent will check the availability and make the required changes on your behalf
  • Pay the change fee and fare difference if applies and complete the process
  • Once the booking is changed, you will soon get a confirmation email from the Breeze Airways 

Change ticket at the airport: 

You can also change the booking of Breeze Airways at the airport by visiting the ticket counter. Contact the representative at the ticket counter and ask them to make changes to your booking. Provide all the required documents and confirm the changes you want. The agent will modify your Breeze Airways flight booking and pay for the changes. Once the booking is made, you will get a confirmation email. 

Via the third party

You can only follow the above change process if the booking is made directly from the Breeze Airways flight. If you book the Flight ticket via a third party, speak to your Breeze Airways agent directly to make any changes to the booking. 

What are the flight change prices on Breeze Airways?

Once you book the Airlines ticket with Breeze Airways, the Airways gives you a buffer of 24 hours to Change flights with Breeze Airways without paying any fee. However, if you fail to do so, the airline might charge a Breeze Flight Change fee of around $75 to $150. Note that the change fee might go beyond that depending on the factors like route, destination, fare conditions, etc. You can speak directly to Breeze Airways customer care for the exact change fee. 

What is Breeze Airways' flight change policy?

  • The Breeze Airways flight change policy allows you to make any change for free if your departure is after seven days or more and you complete the change formalities within 24 hours of Flight booking. However, you need to pay the fare difference in case the new booking is more expensive than the original one. 
  • If your Breeze Airways flight is delayed due to missed connection, cancellation, etc, the airline will Book your ticket again on the next flight without any charges. 
  • Breeze Airways flight change for free up to 15 minutes before the departure; however, you must pay the fare difference. 
  • You can make the changes with Breeze Airways for free without paying any fare difference if the flight is delayed or cancelled by more than 2 hours. But your destination and the departure and arrival airport details should be the same as the original one. 
  • If you change your Breeze Airways flight after buying the baggage, the baggage fee you paid earlier will be credited as Breeze Points for future use. 
  • If you can't check in and board the flight or change/cancel it at least 15 mins before the departure, your ticket value will be forfeited.