How Do I Change My Flight With Hawaiian Airlines?

How Do I Change My Flight With Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines is the biggest economic airline in the state of Hawaii. It is also the tenth-largest commercial airline in the United States, headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. In addition, This Hawaiian airline flies to 32 destinations in the United States, Canada, and Asia.

However, you make a booking with this airline, but due to some issues, you need to Change Hawaiian Airlines flight but don’t know how to do this, so there are a few modes by which you can quickly amend your ticket with Hawaiian Airlines. 

Hawaiian Airlines flight change steps:

  1. Open the web portal of the Hawaiian Airlines site.
  2. Seek for the manage booking section and click on it, 
  3. Enter the booking reference number and last name,
  4. Look for the find my reservation section, 
  5. Tap on it, view all the details, and proceed to the change option, making changes according to your choice.
  6. Go for paying the charges according to your choice,
  7. And after successfully changing the Hawaiian Airlines flight, you will get its confirmation on your linked device.

Other ways to change Hawaiian Airlines' flight

Moreover, there are many ways to change the Hawaiian Airlines flight; however, if you seek to do this, you must get through the below.

Call the Hawaiian Airlines person-

Thus, a passenger can easily make changes in the Hawaiian Airlines flight by calling; therefore, to do this, track down the steps:

  1. Navigate the official site of the Hawaiian Airlines 
  2. Look for the customer service page, there you need to find out the contact number
  3. Take the Hawaiian Airlines phone number and call  1 (800) 367-5320, 
  4. when the number link up with the person, request for flight change,
  5. The Hawaiian Airline person ask about some details of the name change
  6. After that, share with the person and proceed to change the ticket 

Then, pay the charges to the Hawaiian Airlines, and further, you will get its confirmation on your registered device. 

What is the Flight Change fee on Hawaiian Airlines?

Thus, Hawaiian Airlines does not charge a change fee for Main Cabin and First/Business Class tickets. Thus, if you seek for how much you have to pay, there are fees available according to make changes to some specific classes, learn about it, you must read it promptly. 

  • For the Main Cabin Basic fare class, you may pay the change fees, USD 200
  • In the Discount Economy class, make changes by paying USD 150
  • To change the Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket to Economy class, you may pay USD 100

Does Hawaiian Airlines have a flight change policy?

Also, to make a flight change in Flight, Hawaiian Airlines has a reasonably flexible flight change policy. There are no change fees for Main Cabin or First/Business Class tickets, but a fare difference will be applicable when the flight change fees or value will be exceeded from the original ticket price. Consequently, if you seek to learn about Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy, there is a policy that you must pursue thoroughly to learn more about them frequently.

  • There are no change fees for Main Cabin and First/Business Class tickets. However, there is a difference will apply when the Hawaiian Airline exceeds the cost of change fees than the original ticket price.
  • Main Cabin Basic tickets are non-changeable and the Hawaiian Airline didn't offer a refund for this. However, tickets may be canceled & or more days before departure without penalty if requested within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Hawaiian Airlines Change fees and fare differences may apply for tickets purchased in other fare classes. 
  • Also, To change a Hawaiian Airlines flight, you can contact Hawaiian Airlines' Reservations Department or make the change online or through the Hawaiian Airlines app.
  • The change must be made before the original flight's departure time.
  • There may be limited availability on the new flight, so you may be unable to change your Hawaiian Airlines flight to your desired date and time.
  • If you change your Hawaiian Airlines flight to a higher-fare class, you will be responsible for the difference in fare.
  • If you change your Hawaiian Airlines flight to a lower-fare class, you may be eligible for a refund of the difference in fare.

Can I do Hawaiian Airlines change flight for free?

Yes, you can do Hawaiian Airlines change flight free of cost; however, if you know how to do this, there are some conditions that you have to keep in mind that on what conditions you can amend your Hawaiian Airlines Flight ticket for free.

  • Change Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket within 24 hours of booking, offer free-of-cost change.
  • Also, if you have a membership with Hawaiian Airlines, you can change your Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket free of cost.
  • If you have a genuine reason to change, like health issues, court summons, or any crucial things, you can easily change your Hawaiian flight ticket.

Can I change my Hawaiian ticket online?

Yes, you can easily change the Hawaiian airlines flight ticket online whenever you want to amend it. For that, you have to pay its change fees to the airlines.