How Do I Cancel My Swoop Airlines flight?

How Do I Cancel a Swoop Airlines flight?

If you booked a flight ticket with Swoop Airlines & have been unable to travel due to some reason or your flight has been postponed. then, you can cancel Swoop Airlines flight reservation and either reschedule your flight or request a refund. If you wish to proceed further in the flight cancellation process, you must go through the ticket cancellation process and the policies provided in the forthcoming section. 

Swoop Airlines other flight cancellation policies:

In order to cancel your Swoop Airlines flight booking, you must always carefully go through Swoop Airlines Flight cancellation policy. Swoop has framed several flight cancellation policies which must be referred to by the customers. Some of the important policies are described in brief below: 

  • According to Swoop Airlines 24-hour policy, if any customer wishes to change his flight on the same day of the reservation, he is eligible to do so without paying any Swoop Airlines flight cancellation-fee to the airline.
  • If any customer cancels Their Swoop Airlines Flight reservation after 24 hours of flight ticket purchase, then they needs to pay an additional fee to the airline. 
  • Under certain conditions, Swoop cancels your booking due to reasons that fall under the direct control of the airline. In those situations, travelers can cancel their Swoop Airlines booking and claim a refund.
  • If any passenger wishes to cancel a Swoop Airlines booking due to a sudden medical emergency or due to the demise of a family member, then he must provide the relevant documents to validate the cause and cancel the reservation for free. 

What are the procedures to cancel your Swoop Airlines Booking?

Customers who do not have sufficient information & Enough Knowldge about the cancellation and who wish to Know the Swoop Airlines Cancellation process must refer to the details provided below.

Cancel Swoop Airlines flight ticket online

The easy online instructions that lead customers to cancel their Swoop Airlines Flight bookings instantly.To utilize the online Swoop Airlines flight cancellation procedure, customers must follow the steps provided below:

  • Visit the official web-page of Swoop airlines.
  • From the top menu bar, you must select the alternative of “My bookings.”
  • To discover your reservation ticket, you must sign into your account using your registered information, followed by typing the reservation code and the passenger’s name.
  • Now press the option to cancel the booking.
  • Finally, you must tap on the confirmation checkbox and end the process.
  • After canceling your Swoop Airlines reservation, you will receive a message informing about the same on your registered phone number.

Utilize an offline approach to cancel your Swoop bookings 

Some people prefer to use the offline option to cancel their booking as compared to the online procedure of flight cancellation. To use this alternative Swoop Airlines flight cancellation procedure, customers must dial the official calling number of the airline 1-802-427-9009 or 1-587-441-1001 . As the call gets answered by an automated voice, callers will come across the following IVR menu:

  • Press 1: For reservations and bookings
  • Press 3: For flight cancellations
  • Press 7: To request a refund
  • Press9: To request a callback 
  • Press #: To directly connect the call with the Swoop Airlines representatives at 1-802-427-9009 or 1-587-441-1001 .

After pressing “3” from the above menu, your call will be navigated to the Swoop Airlines live representative handling the flight cancellation. You can request flight cancellations. 

What is Swoop Airline’s flight cancellation fee?

The cost of Swoop airlines flight cancellation depends upon the time of cancellation and your traveling distance. Refer to the following conditions to know the exact cancellation fares:

  • If the cancellation is made from 3 to 7 days before flight departure, then passengers must pay $150 as a flight cancellation fee to the Swoop airline.
  • If passengers make a flight change or cancel their booking when the time remains more than 7 days for flight departure, then 100 dollars must be paid to Swoop.
  • Customers are not eligible to make any cancellation request if only three days or less than 72 hours remain in the Swop flight departure.

What are the conditions for free flight cancellation?

Customers must fulfill the following conditions to get free cancellation on Swoop Airlines:

  • If you possess traveling insurance or you are a premium member, then you can cancel your Swoop Airlines reservation for free. 
  • If you provide medical documents to validate your cancellation reason at the last moment to the Swoop airline, you are permitted to cancel a Swoop Airlines flight booking without paying any fee. 
  • If the airline is responsible for your flight cancellation or you cancel the Swoop booking in the risk-free period of 24 hours.

Conclusion: Customers can use the above-described alternatives to request a flight cancellation. If one approach is unavailable at any moment, they can use the other alternative and cancel their Swoop Airlines flight reservations.