How Do I Cancel My Flight On Spirit Airlines?

How Do I Cancel my Flight on Spirit Airlines?

If there is a change in plan, Spirit Airlines allows you to cancel  the Spirit Airlines flight ticket. You get several options to cancel your booking easily and quickly. Besides, if you don't know how to cancel Spirit Airlines flights, you can opt for any of the options below.

Ways to cancel Spirit Airlines flight ticket:

Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Via Phone Call

  • Dial Spirit Airlines customer care number 855 728 3555 
  • You can follow IVR to Speak to the live Representative at Spirit Airlines
  • Once connected, you can ask the Spirit Airlines Representative that you wish to cancel the Spirit Airlines booking 
  • Provide the cancellation reason and all the required booking details Of Spirit AIrlines Flight.
  • The Representative of spirit Airlines Flight will verify everything and make cancellations simultaneously. 

Cancel the Spirit Airlines booking online

  • Go to the My Trip section on the homepage of Spirit Airlines 
  • You need to enter the name and confirmation number to access Spirit Airliines Booking details
  • Select the booking you wish to cancel and click on the cancel reservation button
  • Provide the reason for Spirit Airlines Flight cancellation and confirm the same
  • Pay for the cancellation fee if applicable, and then you can confirm the process

Chat with Spirit Airlines  

  • You can also go to the chat section on the support page of spirit airline flight
  • Click on the chat now button, and the chat box will appear on the screen
  • Type your message; you can also select options available by default
  • In case none of the options matches your query, type live agent 
  • You need to answer a few questions and then follow instructions to chat with a live agent at Spirit Airlines Flight

Text at 48763 or WhatsApp on 855 728 3555

You can also text Spirit Airlines again to cancel your booking at 48763 or WhatsApp the airline to share your Spirit Airlines cancellation request. 

Speak to the Spirit Airlines Guest service agent at the airport 

You can also visit the airport and meet in person to share your Spirit Airlines flight cancellation request. You can meet the Spirit Airlines executive and request them that you wish to cancel the booking. Provide the required booking details, and the agent will cancel the Spirit Airlines booking simultaneously.

So by using any of the processes above, you can cancel your Spirit Airlines Flight ticket anytime. Now let's proceed further and learn about Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy to avoid penalties and hassle.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Spirit Airlines give you 24 hours from booking to cancel the ticket free of cost and get a full refund if the departure day is seven days away or more. You might need to pay the cancellation fee Of Spirit Airlines Flight depending on several factors if you cancel the Spirit Airlines booking after 24 hours.
  • You can cancel the Spirit Airlines booking even after 24 hours for refundable tickets by paying the cancellation fee to the Spirit Airlines flight. No refund is applicable for non-refundable fares after 24 hours; you might get the flight credit.
  • You are allowed to cancel the Spirit Airlines Flight booking without paying any cancellation fee in case of a family member's death or a medical emergency. 
  • Spirit Airlines can cancel your Spirit Airlines flight ticket anytime without any prior notice. In that case, you can ask for free accommodation, compensation, and a full refund. You don't need to pay any cancellation charges in case of involuntary cancellation.

How much does Spirit  Airlines Charge to cancel a flight Ticket?

You don't need to pay Spirit Airlines Flight cancellation fee if you complete the cancellation formalities within 24 hours of booking, and departure is seven days away. You are eligible to get a full refund in your original payment mode. However, you might need to pay the cancellation charges if you fail to cancel the booking within the risk-free period. The charges are as below:- 

  • If the departure is 0-6 days away, you must pay the cancellation fee to the Spirit Airlines of around $99.
  • If the departure is 7-59 days away, you must pay the cancellation fee to the Spirit Airlines of around $49.
  • You cancel the ticket for free if the departure day is 60+ days away.

The Spirit Airlines Flight cancellation fee varies based on various external factors; You can speak to a Live Person at Spirit Airlines to get the exact fee.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policies Due to COVID-19

We all are aware of the situation and time of Covid-19 when everyone was scared and did not want to go outside at any cost. But medical emergencies made it possible, and Spirit Airlines helped the passengers to get over this global pandemic. Get through the Spirit airlines covid policy for a better understanding:-

  • If you have been in contact with any Covid patient within 24 to 72 hours, then make sure you have a negative mark in RT PCR testing.
  • Also, if possible, please be vaccinated with the Covid antivirus and bring medical proof with you.
  • Bring the other medical fitness certificates proving you do not have a cough, breathing, or nasal problems.
  • Wear a mask on your journey and hold a personal sanitizer, if possible

Can I cancel a Spirit Airlines flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you are free to make changes to your Spirit Airlines flight ticket within and after 24 hours of ticket purchase. Also, Spirit Airlines cancellation fees depend upon on its time. But you should know about the process to follow when you wish to cancel your confirmed booking with Spirit Airlines. Please keep your eyes on the methods and the steps ahead to learn the way of Spirit Airlines flight cancellation.

Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Via Online method:- 

  • Reach the web page of Spirit Airlines and tap on the “My Trips” tab.
  • Fill the boxes with the “Confirmation number” and “Last name” of your booking.
  • Open your ticket and look at the available options.
  • Click on the “Cancel your ticket” icon and proceed to the next step.
  • Now, fill in your information and the reason for the ticket modification.
  • Proceed to pay the charges of the obtained service and submit your ticket.
  • You will receive a notification that your booking has been canceled by Spirit Airlines.

Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight Via Phone Method:- 

  • Dial the contact number of Spirit Airlines 1(855)-738-3555.
  • Choose your preferred language for the call and press a number.
  • Listen to the computerized voice and note the digits with its services.
  • Tap on any number to enter the service you need.
  • Also, press the next number to contact the Spirit Airlines representative on call.
  • Request the person to cancel your Spirit Airlines tickets and get the information about refunds for your booked tickets.

Will Spirit Airlines waive my cancellation fees?

Yes, Spirit Airlines waive all the fees for your ticket. As Spirit Airlines understands critical and crucial situations, it helps you to make changes in your ticket without any service charges. To know about the no cancellation fees, refunds, and waive off cancellation charges, you should get the regulations that are set by the Spirit Airline for the passengers who cancel their tickets. Know about the cases when spirit airlines waive off cancellation fees and provide you with refunds.

  • In case of extreme emergency, Major accidents while reaching the airport, Death at the airport or while reaching it through cardiac arrest, asthma, unknown medical cause, and natural. If you raise a request to modify the booking for cancellation due to any of these, then Spirit Airlines waives the cancellation charges.
  • If you are at the airport and your flight is getting late to unexpected hours means 4 to 5, then your request is to modify the bookings. In this situation, the Spirit Airline doesn’t charge you the modification charges.
  • Apart from this, if the cancellation is entertained within 24 hours of booking, then you do not have to pay any charges for the services.

Does Spirit Airlines offer free Cancellations?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offers free cancellations. If you Cancel flight on Spirit Airlines within 60 days of booking, you can do it free of cost. If you have any other queries regarding the cancelation, you can speak with the live person at Spirit Airlines who will provide you with the information about the cancellation as quickly as possible. 

 Cancellation Policy for Spirit Airlines standard tickets

According to Spirit Airline's Cancellation Policy for standard tickets, if the passenger requires a full refund, they must cancel within the 24-hour window, or they can cancel their Spirit flight within 60 days before departure. If the passenger cancels outside of these timelines: 

  • Travelers will be charged a cancellation fee, depending on when they cancel the Spirit flight ticket. 

  • Passenger refunds will be issued as a reservation credit for future travel on the Spirit Airline. 

  • Passengers can Cancel their reservation on the airline up to 1 hour before the departure, but the airline will be charged it. 

  • If the airline cancels the passenger's flight, they will not charge any cancellation fee. 

  • You must pay the charges if you made the booking online and made the cancelation offline. 

What is Spirit's Cancellation Policy for award flight tickets?

According to the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for award flight tickets, you must read the terms and conditions at the time of the Spirit Airlines Cancelation: 

  • Passengers can Cancel their award ticket within a 24-hour window and get their money back in the travel points, which they can use in the future. 
  • The travelers who booked the tickets with their Spirit awards miles and want to Cancel their reservation must pay the charges if they do not cancel their Spirit flight ticket within the first 24 hours of booking. 
  • The  Spirit Airline doesn’t allow the passenger to Cancel the flights booked with the award miles online through the Spirit Airline’s official website, and the Cancellation can be done only over the phone Call . 

How to cancel Spirit Airlines flight? 

If the passenger wants to cancel Spirit Airlines flight, they can opt for the online or offline method. Both methods are the best; they can select their method according to their preference. To cancel the Spirit airlines flight, they must follow the process: 

The Process to Cancel the Flight. 

  • Cancel the Spirit Airline Over the Phone Call. 

If the traveler's plan changes, they can speak with the Spirit Airlines Representative. When travelers dial the Spirit Airline's official phone number at 1(855)-738-3555, they must follow the IVR steps. After that, they reach out to the Spirit Airline Representative and ask them to cancel the flight. They will cancel their flight as quickly as possible and confirm their email id. 

  • Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight through Online Method.

If passengers want to cancel the Spirit Airlines flight, they can opt for the online method. With the online method, they don’t have to wait for the representative, and they can cancel their Spirit flight as quickly as possible. If the passenger wants to use the online method, they can follow the given process: 

  1. Open the official website of Spirit Airlines. 

  2. Tap on the “My Trip” option. 

  3. Enter the required details.

  4. Click on the sign-in option. 

  5. Go to your booking and tap on the cancel option.

  6. Now, the airline will provide you the confirmation on your registered email id and text the contact number.