How Do I Cancel My Cathay Pacific Airlines Flight?

How Do I Cancel My Cathay Pacific Airlines Flight?

After making the reservation with Cathay Pacific Airlines, sometimes the passengers need to cancel their Flght booking due to certain reasons like medical emergencies. You can cancel your Cathay Pacific flight ticket by using multiple mediums. You can also contact the Cathay Pacific customer service representative for your queries.

What Is Cathay Pacific Flight Cancellation Process?

To Cancel a Cathay Pacific Flight booking, you can visit the airport. You need to submit your traveling documents, identification proof, and reason for canceling the Cathay Pacific flight at the helpdesk. The customer service representative will complete all the necessary procedures to cancel the Cathay Pacific flight ticket.

For Cathay Pacific flight Cancellation, you can follow the online procedure, and you must obey the actions given below:

  • Go to the official webpage of Cathay Pacific Airlines.
  • At the top of the Cathay link, you need to click on the Flight option.
  • Tap on the Manage My Booking option.
  • You need to enter your login credentials and tap on the login link.
  • Now fill out the booking reference number and passenger’s last name in the following sections. Click on the search option.
  • You will get the details of all the flights and select the flight ticket that you want to cancel.
  • Select the continue option. You need to pay the cancellation charges if applicable.
  • You will get the confirmation message for ticket cancellation on your mobile phone or email.

Other Methods to Cancel Cathay Flight.

If you need an alternative medium through which you can cancel your Cathay flight ticket, then you can use the information as per described below:

Cancel the Cathay flight ticket by calling:

You can make the cancelation of the flight ticket with Cathay Pacific Airlines by using the phone call mode. You need to make a call by dialing the Cathay Pacific Phone number 1 (833) 933-2244. After calling at the Cathay number, it will be transferred to the computer’s automated voice, and it will provide you the instructions through which your call will be forwarded to the Cathay Pacific customer service representative. They will assist you with the Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation procedures and policies. 

Does Cathay Pacific Airlines allow 24-hour cancellations?

After purchasing the flight ticket from Cathay Pacific Airlines, you can cancel it by using the Online application. You can cancel the Cathay Pacific Flight reservation in 24 hours of the booking. You need to go to the option Manage my Booking and then fill out all details and cancel your Cathay Pacific flight ticket.

What Is Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Before canceling the flight ticket, you must get through the Cathay Pacific flight Cancellation policy. If you follow all the guidelines, then only you can cancel your Cathay pacific flight ticket. The policies are as per mentioned below:

  • The passengers need to inform the cathay pacific airlines before canceling the flight ticket. If they fail to do so, then Cathay Pacific Airline will charge the no-show policy on the passenger.
  • In the case of health issues, the passenger needs to submit the medical certificate at the airport, and the customer service representative will help in the Cathay flight cancellation process.
  • If you have purchased a premium membership of Cathay Pacific Airlines, then you can use your miles points for the flight cancellation.
  • You can cancel the flight booking with Cathay Pacific Airlines within one day of the reservation. If you cancel the Cathay Pacific flight ticket after 24 hours, then you need to pay the cancellation charges set by the airline.
  • If you cancel the Cathay Pacific flight ticket at least 15 days before the departure date, then you do not need to pay any additional cost.
  • The passenger needs to contact the travel agent for the ticket cancellation if they make the reservation from them. If the passenger cancels it by using the Cathay Pacific website, then they need to pay some fees.
  • If you have purchased the refundable ticket, then you can cancel the Cathay Pacific Flight reservation. The passengers who have a nonrefundable ticket then they did not cancel their flight ticket.
  • You will use the online medium or offline medium to cancel the Cathay Pacific Airlines Flight. 
  • If Cathay Pacific Airlines cancel the flight due to technical issues, then they will provide you with a new reservation, or you will get a full refund from the airline.
  • If you use the code for booking the flight ticket, then after canceling the reservation, you will get a refund in the form of Vouchers.


To cancel your Cathay Pacific Airlines flight ticket, you can use the processes that are mentioned above. You can also communicate with customer service representatives, and they will aid you regarding your concern. For additional assistance, you can open the web link of Cathay Pacific Airlines.