How Do I Cancel Breeze Airways Flight?

How Do I Cancel Breeze Airways Flight?

Suppose passengers have booked the reservation by visiting the Breeze Airways flight website or another online portal. So, the person can proceed with Breeze Airways Cancellation online or call the customer service agent. Passengers who have purchased Breeze Airways tickets through a third party then must contact the agent to make the required changes. Alternatively, you can cancel the booked itinerary through the Breeze Airways official application.

  • You must download the Breeze Airways App, available on the play store or App Store.
  • Then tap on Manage my booking, which is available on the homepage and fill in the existing reservation details to get all the information on the screen.
  • It will show the change or cancel pop; click on cancel and submit the details like contact number and bank account or card details.
  • Passengers will receive the notification for cancellation over email.

The process to Cancel Breeze Airways Booking:

Breeze Airways have given different choices to the customers to cancel the Flight booking due to some valid reasons. Passengers can cancel the Breeze Airways itinerary through the app, website, call, or visit the Airport. If you want to cancel it online, kindly read the given points.

  • First, go to the Breeze Airways webpage and tap on Manage Booking, available at the header bar of the portal.
  • The screen will ask to fill in the existing booking details like PNR number and last name.
  • Then your booking details will display on the screen, and you will see the cancel pop-up.
  • Click on it to continue the process.
  • Now they will ask for personal information like contact, email, and payment details.
  • Once the Breeze Airways ticket is canceled, passengers will be notified of the accurate email address.

Is there a different way to cancel a flight with Breeze Airways?

Yes, airlines have given different options to cancel a flight with Breeze Airways. If you have dropped the traveling plan at the last minute, it would be great if the customer visits the Airport help desk to Cancel Breeze Airways Ticket, but you must know the process to make the cancellation. 

Steps to cancel the tickets via visiting the Airport desk:

  • Kindly visit the Breeze Airways Airport Help Desk.

  • The Breeze Airways customer service agent will be here to assist you regarding the cancellation.

  • Share the existing reservation details with them, and they will proceed further.

  • You will get a notification by text once the itinerary is fully canceled.

Does Breeze Airways have a cancellation policy of 24 hours?

Yes, the Breeze Airways follows a 24-hour Breeze Flight Cancellation Policy, but it has a few conditions under which passengers can get a full refund. To know more about this, you must read the given data.

  • According to Breeze Airways 24 hours cancellation policy, if the person cancels the flight within 24 hours of booking, the refund will be made to them within less than seven days.
  • To get a full refund, you should ensure the flight is canceled seven days before the Scheduled Departure.
  • If you have canceled the Breeze Airways flight after 24 hours, the cancellation fee must be charged based on your fare type.

Flight Cancellation policy for Breeze Airways?

A person planning to cancel the booking must check the  Breeze Airways Flight Cancellation Policy to know under which circumstances a penalty will be imposed on the customer. The Breeze Airways issued a few terms and conditions for the cancellation to maintain discipline, which you can find in the mentioned information below.

  • The Breeze Airways will charge a penalty if the booked itinerary is canceled after 24 hours of booking.
  • The passenger can reschedule or make the cancellation free of charge up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • The Breeze Airways will grant a full refund only if the booking is canceled within 24 hours before seven days of the Scheduled Departure.
  • A person can cancel the Breeze Airways flight ticket online or through an app only if the booking is made via a website or app. If tickets are purchased from outside, you should contact the travel agent to make the necessary changes.
  • Breeze Airways would not charge a penalty if the Airline itself canceled the flight due to bad weather conditions or any technical faults.
  • If a customer holds the promotional ticket, then the passenger will not be reimbursed.

Breeze Airline Cancellation fee:

  • If a person cannot cancel the Breeze Airways flight ticket before the risk-free period, a penalty will be imposed on the traveler as a cancellation fee.
  • You should pay the penalty if the Breeze Airways ticket is canceled after the risk period.
  • The Breeze Airways charges USD 45 for nonrefundable ticket cancellation.
  • All domestic flight passengers must pay $150-$200 as cancellation charges.
  • International travelers should pay a fee of $100 -$200 to cancel the booked itinerary after the risk-free period.