How can I approach the Malaysian Airlines supervisor?

How can I approach the Malaysian Airlines supervisor?

If you are travelling with a Malaysian Airlines flight and facing any issues with them, then you can directly Approach to Malaysian Airlines customer service Supervisor and solve your issues. If you want to speak to a live person at Malaysian Airlines, then you can also do this easily by visiting their official website. Here are the different ways to connect with Malaysian Airlines you can choose according to your preference:

Different ways to connect with Malaysian Airlines

Speak with malaysian Airlines through phone number

You can also connect with them through a phone number and speak to a live person at Malaysian airlines and solve your queries. You can find the Malaysian Airlines phone number 1-802-427-9009 Or 1 (800) 552-9264 on their official website, or you can also follow the given instructions:

  • To get the contact number, tap on their official website.
  • Scroll down and open the contact us option.
  • Here you will find Malaysian Airlines customer service number 1-802-427-9009 Or 1 (800) 552-9264. 

Speak with them through the Customer feedback form

You can speak to a live person at Malaysian Airlines through the customer feedback form that you will find on the website. When you visit their official website, you can get the form by clicking the contact us option, or you can also use the given procedure:

  • To connect with them by phone, you can visit Malaysian Airlines' official website, 
  • Now take your cursor on the contact us option.
  • Here you will get the Customer feedback form in which you need to fill in your details, and you can also describe your issue.

Speak with Malaysian airlines through Social Media

The other option to connect with the Malaysian airlines customer service is social media. They are on the different platforms of social media that you will find on their official website, and you can choose the platform according to your choice. Follow the process to find the Malaysian Airlines social media handles:

  • To get in touch with Malaysian Airlines customer Support team through Social media, open the Malaysian Airlines official website.
  • After selecting contact us, you will be directed to the next page.
  • Click on the Social media handles, and now you can communicate with Malaysian Airlines easily.
  • YouTube:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

Speak with them through Chat

If you are not able to connect with Malaysian Airlines through another mode, then you can use chat mode to get instant solutions to your questions. This is the fastest way to Contact Malaysian airlines customer service to solve your query. You can follow the given instructions to get the chat box:

  • To contact Malaysian Airlines customer service, tap on their official website, 
  • Select the contact us option, and then you will proceed to the next page.
  • Here you need to click on the chat icon then you will get the chat box.
  • Now you can get an instant solution to your query.

Do Malaysian airlines have 24 hour customer service?

No, Malaysian Airlines do not provide 24 hours customer service. You can connect with them during their working hours and solve your problems with Malaysian Airlines customer service representative. They provide services on Monday to Friday, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm Saturday. In Malaysia, their customer services are closed on Sundays and on Public Holidays.

These are the different modes of phone number, email, social media, and chat through which you can contact Malaysian Airlines customer service and get your queries resolved. You can contact Malaysian Airlines during their working hours and use the mode according to your preference, and they will try to help you. If you still have any queries, then you should visit their official website and get in touch with them there..