How can I approach the Lufthansa Airlines supervisor?

How can I approach the Lufthansa Airlines supervisor?

Lufthansa Airlines is a leading airline from Germany, and it flies to every corner of the globe with thousands of passengers. Lufthansa is a renowned airline for the exceptional standard of customer service it offers to its passengers. If you have some doubts related to your booked flight ticket with Lufthansa airlines. then contact the Lufthansa Airlines customer service for information on the flight related queries..

Modes to reach a Lufthansa Airlines supervisor:

Call Lufthansa Airlines Via phone

To find out about the available flights, fares, and other details of Lufthansa Airlines, you can call Lufthansa Airlines customer service. The call will help you get detailed information about the Airlines. To connect on the call, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Dial Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number 1800 645 38 80
  • The IVR will start immediately on the connection
  • First, confirm the preferred language 
  • Choose the IVR numbers according to the queries and assistance requests
  • You can take the option to speak to a customer service person.
  • Share the concerns and issues and get proper guidance.

You can resolve multiple issues on Lufthansa Airlines phone number and receive instant help on the issues.

On the social media

The social media pages are very useful for passengers to connect with the Lufthansa Airlines  customer service. For a prompt response, visit the social media network of Lufthansa airline:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

On the contact form

Lufthansa Airlines has given a contact form for passengers to inquire regarding their queries. If you have a query related to Lufthansa airlines flight that requires detailed information, find the contact form in the following way:

  • Get to the webpage of Lufthansa Airlines at
  • Click on the “Help and contact” tab 
  • Click on the contact form option
  • Enter the necessary details and other information on the form
  • Mention the query in detail
  • Submit the form.

Lufthansa Airlines customer service team will respond in a bit of a while to the queries mentioned on the contact form.

On the feedback form

You can share your post travel experience with a Lufthansa supervisor on the feedback form. The feedback form also serves as a complaint form.

Download the Lufthansa app

 To connect with the Lufthansa Airlines customer service, you can get the app on your phone and sign in with your username and password.

Does Lufthansa have a Live Chat Option?

Yes, Lufthansa Airlines customer service can be reached on a live chat window that is available 24/7 to answer the queries. To Speak to a live person at lufthansa airlines via text messages, go through the following steps:

  • Visit the website of or connect from the app on the phone 
  • Click on the Help and contact icon on the homepage
  • Click on the Lufthansa chat Assistant option
  • Hit the start chat icon
  • Enter your message 
  • Send it to the Lufthansa airlines customer service 
  • An immediate response will be given with complete information to resolve the issues.

After discussing the steps of Live chat, you can learn about a few advantages of the Live chat service of Lufthansa Airlines:

  • Live chat saves a lot of time that is required for the call to connect with the Lufthansa Airlines customer service and a person to respond.
  • It is a good option for short queries like flight updates, baggage issues, etc.
  • The live chat of Lufthansa Airlines can be accessed from any country at any time.
  • An instant response is received on the queries.

Therefore, please refer to the above information for Contact Lufthansa Airlines customer service Phone number and receive the  required  assistance and information for your flight.

Working hours of Lufthansa Airlines customer service:

The customer service of Lufthansa Airlines is available 24/7 to assist passengers with their travel needs.