Does Alaska Airlines Have Lost and Found Service?

Does Alaska Airlines have lost and Found Service?

Yes! Alaska Airlines have a lost and found service that assists you in relocating lost items. In case you arrive at the airport and realise that one of your items is lost, immediately report the issue to the Alaska Airlines Baggage Office within 24 hours of arriving. Else you can also call an Alaska Airlines lost and found phone number. Once you report the issue, you get a confirmation email from the Alaska Airlines lost and found department with the File ID. Once you report the item, the lost and found team will locate most of the bags within 48 hours and deliver them to your home or hotel unless you don't fly to another place. 

How Do I Contact Alaska Airlines lost & found number? 

If you cannot meet in person at the Alaska Airlines lost and found department, call the Lost and Found Alaska Airlines number at 1-877-815-8253 between 6:00 am - 10:00 pm (PT). The procedure is as below:

  • Dial the Alaska Airlines lost and found Phone Number 1-877-815-8253
  • Select a language first and then follow the IVR instructions. 
  • You can choose the 'lost and found option in the first menu. 
  • Provide the booking details and lost item details required on the phone.
  • Wait on call, and you will be connected to the lost and found department soon.
  • Speak to the agent and file your lost item claim instantly. 
  • Once you file the report, the Alaska Airlines lost and found departments will take action immediately and try to locate and recover the items soon.

How Can I Get reimbursement for lost & delayed baggage?

To get reimbursement, reporting the Alaska Airlines lost and delayed baggage within 24 hours is essential. The Alaska Airline does not compensate without a report on file. Besides, ensure you have all your ticket receipts and baggage claim checks. Keep all the paid receipts for travel essentials you purchase, like toiletries and clothes, while the baggage is missing. 

The Alaska Airline will try to recover your item as soon as possible. However, you will get reimbursement in case the item is not received. Besides, you can also call on Alaska Airlines 1-877-815-8253 to request reimbursement. 

However, there are certain items that Alaska Airlines disqualifies as the content of checked bags. The airline assumes no liability for loss, damage, delay, or theft in delivering those items, and any access valuation might be discarded. Those items include :

  • Cash, currency
  • Jewellery watches
  • Cameras, videos, and photographic equipment
  • Electronic equipment/devices, personal electronic equipment/devices,
  • Computers and related components
  • Binoculars, telescopes, optical devices, including eyeglasses
  • Precious metals, stones or materials, etc

You can check out the complete list by visiting the link When you travel on a domestic itinerary, the maximum reimbursement you can expect for checked baggage is around $ 3800 per ticket per person. For international travel, the full reimbursement for Alaska Lost items is $9.07/lb for checked bags and $400 per passenger for unchecked bags. In case you are travelling internationally and the travel is covered by Montreal Convention, in that case, Alaska Airlines is liable for the loss and delay of your item to 1288 SDRs per passenger. Besides, if your lost item value exceeds the standard liability, you can declare and purchase additional value for $ 1 per every $ 100.00 value to a maximum of $ 5000.