Do you get a free checked bag with Delta?

Do you get a free checked bag with Delta?

Delta is one of the oldest in operation and has been serving domestic and international flights to various destinations. The airline is well-known for its flight entertainment, seat comfort, booking, check-in, and other related services. The airlines provide the best comfort to their passengers and give the best assistance even to the passengers traveling in economy class. The passenger is traveling in business or professional class or having the premium membership avail more benefits than the usual passengers. In case of getting a free checked bag with Delta, some fares and destinations receive free checked bags with Delta. And the members of Delta one, Delta Premium select, and the passenger traveling in first-class received two Delta free checked bags. The passengers traveling in economy class received free bag checks for some international destinations. A medallion member traveling on Delta one is allowed to get up to 3 free checked bags on the flight. 

How many checked bags does Delta allow?

The airline has a specific set of rules for the number of bags allowed with Delta. The guidelines are mentioned on the official website of Delta as well. The guidelines state that

  • The airlines may allow up to 10 checked bags on the flights operated by Delta one and Delta shuttle.
  • And up to checked bag with Delta are allowed for the carrier flight with Delta connection.
  • The airlines can restrict the number of baggage as and when required if they aren't able to provide two checked-in bags per passenger on a flight.
  • The airlines allow the excess baggage of the passengers as per a space-available basis.

Delta Airlines Baggage policy

As per Delta airlines' Baggage policy, the airline allows one carry bag and one personal bag (like a purse, laptop bag, or mini briefcase).

  • As per the airline's standard luggage policy, passengers are allowed to carry a minimum of 2 bags and a maximum of 10 bags on Delta one or Delta shuttle flights.
  • In the case of a carrier Delta connection flight, passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of 4 bags on the flight.
  • Delta Airlines Baggage policy, the maximum dimension and weight of the baggage have to be 62 inches/157 centimeters and 50 pounds/23 kilograms, respectively.

How much does Delta charge for a 3rd checked bag?

Delta Airlines allows two free check bags for the passengers, and if they wish to carry the third bag, it will cost some amount to the passengers for the bags over the checked bags Delta allow. The third bag will cost them $150, and the fourth and fifth baggage will cost $200 per bag. The airline charges the amount of $150 for the third bag. Any other bag over it will cost $200 per bag to the passenger.

How much money does it cost to check a bag on Delta?

The airlines allow the first two checked bags for free, but if they weigh more than 50 pounds, then the passengers have to pay the excess weight amount, which will be $30 for the first bag and $40 for the second bag(both bags that have excess weight but come under the first two free categories). The other bage=s cost will be the same as mentioned above. So, as per the airlines' baggage policy, you may have to pay nothing or the above-mentioned specific amount as Delta charge for a bag if your first two free checked bags are overweight.

What happens if my bag is over 50 lbs Delta?

The airlines will charge $30 and $40 for the excess of the first two free bags. And if the other bags weigh more than 50 pounds(23 kilograms), then in case of excess between 51 to 70 pounds(24 to 32kgs), passengers are required to pay the amount of $100 as excess baggage amount other than the fees you have to pay for the third bag. And if the baggage weight is up to 71 to 100 pounds (33 to 46 kgs), in that case, the excess Delta charge for a checked bag will be $200 for the excess of one bag other than the carry bag charges. Passengers are advised to contact the customer care executive for further details about the charges related to excess bags for other domestic and international flights.