When is the best Time of the week to book a Cheap Air?

When is the best Time of the week to Reserve a Cheap Air?

Airlines provide their services 365 days a year, showing that you can get many chances to book a cheap Air Ticket with the Airline. There is no concrete day or date when you will get the Cheapest flight ticket because the fare price depends on various factors, including travel date, destination airport, departure airport, and, lastly, your travel requirements. Best Time of the week to book a Cheap Air Ticket will depend on your travel budget. If you have limited money, then you can learn some tricks to book the Lowest Cost flight of the year, so keep on reading the information below to find out the Cheapest day to book a flight ticket.

What is the best day to reserve a flight ticket?

If we are talking specifically about the best day of the week to book a flight, then it is Tuesday Noon and Wednesday Morning. These days are suggested by the experts who have monitored the various airlines' fare data, and the reason behind the fluctuation is that most of the airlines release their weekly sales on Monday, and this process affects the prices of the tickets on the next day and that is the reason you can get a cheap flight ticket. Also, as per the research, you can save 6% on flight tickets if you reserve the flight on Tuesday. Also, the prices are affected by other factors such as the time of reservation, destination, departure location, etc.

  • If you want to travel domestically, you can choose your flight ticket on Tuesday and Wednesday, but if you plan to take an international trip, then Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest days to fly.
  • The best day of the week to book flights for flyers taking an international trip is suggested to take a Departure flight on Wednesday.
  • You should also know the worst day to book a flight ticket, as per the experts, are Friday to Sunday because on thesis days, you will have to pay more than any other day. This is how the airline makes its profit because many passengers book a flight on weekends.
  • Also, if the perfect seat is the most important segment for you while on the journey, you can try booking flight tickets on Friday. This is because, after this point, the airlines stop selling their seats because they have to make preparations for the weekend departures.

What are the other factors that influence the fare prices?

  • Last minutes bookings- the airline tends to increase the flight ticket prices when the departure dates come close because they the fact that eventually you will need to travel and you will have to book a flight for an increased fare. This is why it is advised to book an early flight to save money on airfare. You can even get 5% cheaper fares if you try to reserve a flight ticket one month prior.
  • Avoid booking a flight ticket during the holiday season, especially during the summer holiday when all school provides summer vacation to the children. During this time, parent tends to take a holiday vacation the most, which increases the fare prices. 
  • For international traveling passengers, December is the most expensive month, and February is the cheapest one.