What happens if I miss a Booked flight?

What happens if I miss a flight?

To miss a flight is a very common occurrence in everyday life. Several passengers, for varied reasons, miss their respective booked flights. Airlines understand that most of the time, there are genuine reasons for missing a flight. Therefore if you have missed a flight, don’t worry; every airline has a basic set of rules and remedies available for passengers who cannot board the flight.

To know more about the available options after missing a flight, first, let’s see the missed flight policy followed by most airlines for passengers after a flight has been missed.

Missed flight policy

  • Once you are confirmed that you will miss the  Booked  Airlines flight Ticket, please inform the concerned airline. Timely information would save you from the ‘no show’ category.
  • You can either rebook on the same-day flight or take the option of booking according to your preference to another date.
  •  You can choose to cancel the ticket and claim a refund.
  • If you can furnish proof of some medical emergency or death of a close relative, an airline may consider the rebooking or cancellation without charging a fee.
  • If the flight is missed because of the airline’s fault, like a long security queue or delayed boarding pass, you will be booked on the next available flight to your destination.
  • No ticket can be canceled if the flight has already departed.
  • No refund claim can be made if you come under the ‘no-show passenger list.

Therefore information to the airline before the scheduled flight departure is a must to know what if i miss my flight and wish to avail the options given by the airline.

 What to do if You Miss Your  Booked Flight Ticket?

On missing the flight, if you have informed the Airlines beforehand following options will be available:

Rebook: The Airline will put you on standby and rebook your seat on the next flight to your destination. This will totally depend on the availability of seats. However, you may have to pay the fare difference for booking on the same day flight. 

Make a new booking:  If the flight has already departed before you reach the airport, you can request the airline to make a new booking to the same destination on the same day or the next. You may need to pay the whole fare for the new booking.

Claim a refund: Say you had informed the Airline about the inability to board the flight before departure. In that case, the airline can refund the ticket money or use the amount for rebooking on the next flight.

The process to inform and avail the remedies after missing the flight:

Informing the airline is of utmost importance in case of a missed flight. Whether you reach the airport or not, the airline must be acknowledged your absence Miss Flight Ticket. To inform and know your options for what happens if you miss your flight, try the following ways:

Call the customer service: You can first prefer to connect with a Respective Airlines Representative on  call and explain the situation to avail the appropriate guidance.

Connect on online chat: you can go to the official website of the airline and inform the Airlines Representative about missing the flight and what should be your next step.