If You Don't Check-In 24 Hours Before Your Flight

If You Don't Check-In 24 Hours Before Your Flight

When you book the flight travel with a suitable Airline, you need to do the Online check-in and inform the airline about your trip. With this, you will get the boarding pass having assigned seats and bags allowed. If you do not check in 24 hours before your flight, you will not receive the boarding pass and be allowed to board the flight. Your seats will be assigned to the stand-by passengers for the appropriate departure. Moreover, if you cannot do the flight check-in within 24 hours, you can reach the concerned airport authorities and get the boarding pass two hours prior to the flight journey. 

When to check in for a flight?

Flight check-in is one of the essential steps to add the travel seats and appropriate bags and get the boarding pass. Airlines provide multiple methods to check in on time before the scheduled departure. Therefore to do Web checking into a flight, you must follow the appropriate timings as given below:

  • You need to reach the airport for check-in at least two hours before the domestic flight departure. 
  • For international travel, you must do the airport check-in three hours prior to the departure. 
  • If you are planning to travel in the peak times like evening, early morning, or on the holidays, you need to reach the airport accordingly.
  • The online Web check-in portals open 24 hours before the scheduled departure and depend on the different air carriers and airports. 
  • The airport kiosk check-in is also accessible at a suitable airport, which you can use till 45 minutes before the departure. 

How soon can you check in for a flight?

Travelers can check in online or by the app 24 hours to 45 minutes before the flight departure. You can do so 90 minutes before the flight journey to get the international flight check-in. For the baggage and airport check-in, you must be there at a particular time to avoid any last-minute hassles. With this, you will successfully do Web check in on flight to your destination. 

Steps to do the online Web check-in for your flight:

When you understand the relevant rules, you can do the check online using the below simple steps:

  • Initially, you must access the official web portal of your airline.
  • After that, you can tap on the check-in Portal button available on the website.
  • You need to provide the flight number, travel dates, and the passenger's last name.
  • When you tap on the retrieve button, you will see the relevant reservation details with your particular airline.
  • At there, you can choose the travel seats, add the suitable bags and move further.
  • On the next page, you can make the changes, if any, and tap on the continue button. 
  • You need to make the payment if required and complete the process.

You will receive the boarding pass of check- in flight at your registered email id, and your flight will be checked immediately. You can print the boarding pass or scan the QR code at the security gates from your device to board the flight for your destination accordingly.