How much can I claim for flight delay?

How much can I claim for flight delay?

Flight delays can be frustrating and can lead to you missing out on things in life. Being on time is important when taking a flight as a person paying to travel by air expects to not only save time on the distance covered but get value for the money they have paid for the flight ticket. If you booked your flight to attend a business meeting or attend an important event, taking a delayed flight is of no use as you are going to miss the event. Most airlines offer compensation On delayed flight, but the amount you can claim can vary from Airline to Airline policies. The majority of airlines offer a certain amount of flight compensation amount depending on the reason for the flight delay.

The compensation amount you can claim On flight delay depends on various factors given below:

Type of ticket/ ticket class

The compensation Value amount for delayed flights depends on the Airlines flight ticket type and class. If your ticket was for business class, your compensation amount would depend on the fare you have paid.

Airline flight delay policies

Most airlines have policies in place when it comes to delayed flight compensation, and if you are aware of the Delay flight compensation policies, you can claim the maximum Delay flight compensation value that they can offer to you. Being aware of the airline flight delay policy will be advantageous, and you can book your new flights with an airline that offers maximum compensation.


If the airline overbooks a flight, and you are given an alternate flight at a later time, you can claim flight delay compensation depending on your flight fare.

Length of the delay

You can claim a full refund of the fare if the flight is delayed for more than 6 hours and the information is not conveyed to you 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Missing a connecting flight due to a delay

You can claim a certain amount of compensation if you miss your connecting flight Due to a delayed flight.

Operational circumstances or technical difficulties

You could claim the full fare in compensation if the flight delay was because of the airline, like due to operational circumstances. If the flight delay is due to technical reasons, the airline might offer a full refund.

Weather conditions

Only a few airlines will compensate you for the claim on delayed flights due to reasons beyond the control of the airline, like unfavorable weather conditions.

You can claim On delay Flight by using the tips below.

  • You have to keep your boarding pass and any other travel documents as proof.
  • You can ask them for the reason for the flight delayed Situation
  • Do not sign anything or accept any offers that might waive your right to get maximum compensation.
  • Keep receipts if the delayed flight increases your expenses.
  • You can visit the official website of the airline and call the customer service number to get maximum compensation amount for the delayed flight.

These tips will help you get maximum claim on delayed flights and book your flight without any worries. Always go through the rules and regulations of the airline before booking a flight.